Laser Cut Catan

Settlers of Catan laser cut and engraved in hardwood.

1 minute read

I wanted to begin my laser cutting journey by making the ubiquitous Settlers of Catan hexes.

So far I’ve made wheat (birch), brick (cherry), ore (walnut), wood (oak), and sheep (birch) hexes!

A Smarter Remote

A universal infrared remote controlled through Alexa.

7 minute read

I replaced all of the remotes in my house with a microcontroller and an infrared LED.

Controlling it through Alexa is helpful when you can’t find the standard remote or it’s too far away!

Camel Calculator

An algorithmic probability solver for Camel Up

7 minute read

Camel Up is a board game that boils down to pure probability but at the beginning of each leg of the race there are 29,160 possible outcomes!

Let’s ruin the fun and solve it by brute forcing the permutations.

Joke Twitter

A short-lived comedic twitter account exercise.

1 minute read

I really like jokes. In an effort to spur creativity, I tweeted a joke every day for a few months!

Most of them were not great but there were a few gems.

Dining Room Table

A hardwood table built out of cherry with walnut inlays

3 minute read

This was one of the first large woodworking projects I did and I really love how it turned out!

I made this table with my dad when I was in college. The process took a long time since we could usually only find one Saturday per month to work on it together.

Text to Translate

Translation service over SMS

2 minute read

Translate phrases over text message!

Smart phones are ubiquitous today but not so long ago a connection to the internet was beyond the average phone’s capabilities. This translation application works over one of the most primitive cell phone features: SMS messaging.