Kneading Table

Commissioned by a bread maker with limited counter space

1 minute read

1 min read

My friend asked me to help her build a sturdy frame for a shaping/kneading table.

The design

I wanted to practice my CAD skills so I whipped up some plans in Fusion 360.

We planned to get the table top at Ikea for simplicity.

The Pieces

I started by making a trip to my local hardware store and getting some premium lumber. Then I stopped at a friend’s house so I could use his table saw to cut everything down to size based on the designs I made in Fusion 360.


  • three boards glued together
  • left a mortise gap at top
  • ripped sides to square
  • mortised middle


  • left tenon gap on ends of long stretchers
  • side stretchers just screwed in


  • middle brace
  • free floating


With a few adjustments to the design it turned out really well!