Dining Room Table

Hardwood table built out of cherry with walnut inlays

3 minute read

3 min read

This was one of the first large woodworking projects I did and I really love how it turned out!

I made this table with my dad when I was in college. The process took a long time since we could usually only find one Saturday per month to work on it together.

Coffee Time

Wi-Fi controlled coffee pot that turns on with your alarm

1 minute read

1 min read

Waking up is difficult; coffee makes it easier.

I automated this part of my morning routine using a Wi-Fi connected microcontroller.

Text to Translate

Translation service over SMS

2 minute read

2 min read

Smart phones are ubiquitous today but not so long ago a connection to the internet was beyond the average phone’s capabilities. This translation application works over one of the most primitive cell phone features: SMS messaging.

I built it using Twilio and Google App Engine.